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We are a family research team - PrairieComm was started in 1992. We have been providing computer technical services since then. We have two focuses: website design, development and emarketing and filemaker pro and associated programs. We provide office computer procedures automation. We also provide local (Port Orchard, WA) computer troubleshooting for Filemaker databases.

J. Miller
Jennifer Miller is an artist and designer with a background in operations in technical, architectural, legal and financial fields.

Ms. Miller spent twenty years as a paralegal in Washington and Iowa, including real estate, maritime law, indian law, family matters, property and financial management. She was director of the TM program in Seattle, Washington, and staff assistant for the architectural firm of Iowa-based Prairie Architects, Inc. After four years as the Operations Manager and Compliance Officer for a futures brokerage, she joined her husband in computer projects at their office-at-home in SE Iowa.

Since 1997 she has been a web designer and developer including expertise on SEO projects with one-on-one coaching.

Her education includes a BA in Art and additional coursework in design, legal research, architecture and civil engineering. She is a weaver, potter, painter, designer, and completely green-thumbed gardener.


Aaron Miller
Aaron Miller provides project consulting: writing custom flash, asp.net, perl, cgi, C++, asp, php, sql, css and javascript. On the leading edge of new technology, he brings the critical thinking of his generation into the company.

Aaron wrote middleware for the Seattle-based largest online vendor of diamond jewelry, and then was a software engineer for a small, highend web developer. He now designs custom interfaces to connect a large complex product database with sales, admin, and finance. He's been an actor, lighting designer, web programmer and tech support provider for Iowa and Minnesota businesses. He is a computer science graduate of Carleton College.

Marta Sivertson is a Seattle graphic designer. She worked as graphic designer at Bellevue Art Museum, designed MSN mobile apps, and was a graphic designer with one of the Seattle-based largest stock photography agencies in the world. She now is the UX (user experience design) expert for a large photo-editing software company in Seattle. She also works as a freelance designer on a variety of projects and is fluent in the Adobe family of graphic editing tools. Marta exhibits precision expertise in both print and web based design. She received her BA in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts from the University of Washington, with an Associate Degree in Graphic Design from Seattle Central Creative Academy. Additionally, she works in tandem with other creative professionals in photography and printing. See her website at MartaSivertsen.com.

Barry Miller
Barry Miller's background in computers is broad - primarily in the area of technical support and training, system development and troubleshooting. He has worked as a computer technician and programmer since 1990. Since 1999 his focus has been with the design and development of database applications, primarily using Filemaker Pro.

You can reach us via phone 360.443.6741.
References are, of course, available upon request.

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