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Natural Eye Care

I've been working with this client for many years, through design revisions and finally to a new url, store and complete overhaul. NaturalEyeCare™ is one of the most popular websites for those looking for specific recommendations about how to deal with vision problems naturally.

It is a comprehensive, large print (!) website full of research and recommendations about more than 30 eye and vision conditions. The site's owners have spent many years compiling a rich body of information for those who are looking for the whole story about a multitude of diseases.

Their original site, www.visionworksusa.com focused on vision conditions, but the new site has a broader scope. They present not only information about current research, but present basic myths and facts about disease, common sense nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. They do sell supplements and vitamins, many specifically compounded for vision concerns, but their mission is to prevent disease not make a lot of money. And they avoid multi-level marketing products.

Their online store has a wide range of natural vitamins, supplements, books, and vision and health related products.

In 2010 they began to work with holistic vet Bea Ersham to make specific recommendations for clients with pet problems, including: cataracts, glaucoma, doggy breath. more ...