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Green Architecture - Vastu Design

Vastu design - Michael Borden
Michael Borden is a home / commercial designer who specializes in the ancient Vedic craft of Vastu design - the art of creating interior and exterior spaces which contribute to the health, success, and happiness of the inhabitants. He's done a lot of home design both in the US and abroad (especially China) and also teaches an online seminar in vastu architectural design. His site also features an extensive bookstore, including the vastu design "bible" by Ganapati Stapahti.

The site also includes a broad sampling of his work - both commercial and residential as well as comments from his clients. I've worked with Michael - and you won't find a more careful, conscientious designer and human being.

He has a second website, Green Architecture.com which is a little more focused on green architecture, although it certainly includes information about vastu design. This first site was a beginning step in presenting his information. Vastu-design is more polished and more complete. However, the green-architecture.com site includes a unique photojournal of locations he's visited in India, Thailand, and China. Very interesting and beautiful.