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Contract Filemaker Developer

My professional computer experience includes both database application programming and technical support.

I began with several years of FilemakerPro and then started using PHP running against MySQL in website environments. Later, I expanded to Borland's Delphi database programming language running against MySQL and MS SQL Server. Delphi is similar to C++.

For several years my programming activities centered around the Florida hurricane insurance business, and later (with Delphi) on production process monitoring for an international food supply company.

Presently I prefer working with small companies who have chosen to start building their database/information system within the "user-friendly" FilemakerPro environment.

Simple Solutions

Often, some very simple scripting can make your work much easier.

Example: One of our clients has an online store. The store's administrative interface provides some ROI information, but not enough to be useful. With Filemaker we wrote a script to automatically download data from their online database and then process the data to reveal how many of each product had been sold for a given date range and the average sales price and profit, as well other information.

The Application Development Process

System Analysis: By spending a little more time analyzing your requirements and designing the application to fit those requirements, we use less time on code production, costly adjustments, and enhancements later on.

Specifications: The process of developing a set of clear design specifications is more detailed than many customers realize and is essential to fulfill your needs correctly as quickly as possible.

Code Production: Clear design specs keep your costs to a minimum and ensure that your expectations are met or exceeded at delivery.

Management Tools

It is vital that you, the decision maker, have accurate information at your fingertips--to determine trends, spot irregularities, and catch problems before they get out of hand. Without this critical information, blind spots can develop that hide potentially dangerous and costly situations.

Getting Started


When you are ready to begin your project please call Barry at 360.443.6741 to arrange an initial survey of your situation. Since pre-development analysis must take place before any application can be started, please factor extra time into your projected end date.

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