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Notes on selected Anderson Wills - Clarke County, VA

Anderson, Hannah, Will, Nov 27, 1838 - heirs: son Joseph (H?), granddaughters Lucy Moore, and Fanny Fisher
Anderson, Jane, Inventory/Sale, March 28, 1842 - sold to John E. Anderson, John F. Anderson, David Anderson, John Elv. Anderson
Anderson, Joseph, Inventory/Sale, July 28, 1856: administrators: Harrison? A. Anderson, Nimrod F. Anderson; property sold to John W. Anderson, Nimrod F. Anderson, Joseph E. Anderson, A.L.M. Anderson, H. A. Anderson, Maria L. Anderson
Anderson, Nimrod, Will 1865 - heirs are brothers John, Jo(seph?), sister Maria, and brother Jo's children
Anderson, Joseph H., Will, 1893 - heirs are his two daughters (Lucy Moore & Fanny Fisher?)
Note: Joseph H. appears to be the son of Joseph & Hannah above

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