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Natural Pet Health Care
Working in concert with a holistic vet, the folks at NaturalEyeCare have started a pet section with lots of great information about natural pet care including health and safety tips, diet tips, and treatment for specific pet conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, doggy breath, etc. More

Vastu design - Michael Borden
Michael Borden is a home / commercial designer who specializes in the ancient Vedic craft of Vastu design - the art of creating interior and exterior spaces which contribute to the health, success, and happiness of the inhabitants. He's done a lot of home design both in the US and abroad (especially China) and also teaches an online seminar in vastu architectural design. His site also features an extensive bookstore, including the vastu design "bible" by Ganapati Stapahti. More

Natural vision care - Marc GrossmanOD, LAc, and Michael Edson, LAc
Grossman and Edson have, over many years, have developed one of the most comprehensive websites that I've seen about the myths, realities and options for alternatives to vision problems. Their site includes comprehensive discussions of the conventional and alternative treatments available, with particular focus on the uses of chinese medicine. They've written several books on the subject, some of which are used as reference books by health practitioners. More

Websites for Acupuncturists
Grossman and Edson also developed a website package for acupuncturists. They got the idea from hearing peers complain that though they wished they had their own website, it was too expensive and too time consuming to do so. So they assembled information about acupuncture (both are acupuncturists) in a series of website pages, developed attractive but simple website templates, and are providing not only these packaged templates, but a entire raft of emarketing options included in the same package. It's a bargain and very useful for the small practitioner.

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