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Coding Stuff

HTML code validator

if you don't have clean code it slows the ability of browsers to open your pages, and, worse, some browsers will "see" them oddly, and worse, Google, at least, now includes code validation as one of its factors in ranking your site. So enter your pages in this tool and it will list the errors.   W3.Org HTML Validator

Also, if you use firefox, View Source shows errors (not as many as W3) and firebug is great for working out your coding bugs.

CSS Resource

About the best CSS resource I've found for a clear presentation of the options is www.blooberry.com but you can always just google your query. Here's the CSS validator.

Color Choosing

I like Site Pro's color tool

Web Friendly Fonts

While there are techniques for forcing the user's computer to display custom fonts, they slow down page load time (a factor for Google ranking). I use Ampsoft to show my clients font options -- tho it needs to be updated for newer Windows versions. Some day I might get around to making one.

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