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You want hosting from a reasonably priced company with excellent tech support, ie, not the company that is right there when making a sale, but no humans are available when you need tech support.

Make sure the company is in the US (for convenience) and that there is a tech support phone number on the website with at least 8-6 tech support. Test it out.

While I won't 'recommend' I will report the following about hosting companies that I've worked with:

Hostito.com inexpensive, hosting is ok, tech support is fair, uses cpanel

Hostek.com good price, excellent tech support - it rarely takes more than several hours to hear back from them and in a real emergency I can always reach a human being via phone. When we starting running vulnerability scans on the webserver, they had the fewest vulnerabilities of all. Use helm cpanel

Getsite.net (also netdor.com) good price, good tech support - fairly quick response; they've got mirror servers - one in Florida (I think) and one up in New England, so they are resistant to storm outages in both places at the same time. uses cpanel

Liquidweb.com good price, good tech support, uses cpanel

Nov.10/2008 - at least one of their older servers has an outdated version of php, older than 4.4.1 - which has multiple security flaws. While some people need that version, generally you should make sure that your new php site is on a server using a more up to date version of php.

Dreamworks - I've heard from several reliable sources that they are really good, but haven't tried them yet.
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